How the IvyGene Cancer Blood Test Works

The IvyGene Cancer Blood Test measures the methylation status of cell-free DNA at target sites that have been demonstrated to be hypermethylated when certain cancers are present. Cancer Blood Test results are reported as a quantitative IvyGene Score, which indicates the methylation status of the target sites. The IvyGene Score is calculated as a composite average of cell-free DNA that is methylated at the target sites as a fraction of the total cell-free DNA present.

An IvyGene Score of 1-19 is considered normal.  An IvyGene Score of 20 or greater is considered elevated.
IvyGene Cancer TestThe sensitivity of the IvyGene Cancer Blood Test is approximately 84% and Specificity of the IvyGene test is approximately 90%.  The sensitivity of the IvyGene Cancer Blood Test detects additional cancer types is being investigated.

Our laboratory has validated the IvyGene Cancer Blood Test with these 4 cancers:  breast, colon, liver, and lung.  Preliminary testing for an additional 20 cancers has demonstrated an elevated IvyGene Score and as we complete the validation for additional cancers we will update this list.

Please note that an elevated Score does not necessarily mean that it is due to one of these 4 validated cancersAn elevated Score could be due to methylation associated with other cancers.

The IvyGene Cancer Blood Test does not provide the tissue of origin. The IvyGene Cancer Blood Test analyzes DNA methylation to confirm cancer presence and give measurable information about cancer.   

The IvyGene Cancer Blood Test is an adjunct clinical test that is intended to be based on the independent medical judgment of the ordering physician in conjunction with the patient’s complete medical history and the results of standard of care testing.  A large-scale clinical trial to demonstrate the efficacy of the IvyGene Cancer Blood Test as a cancer screening test has not been conducted. Cancer screening is not an approved use of the IvyGene Cancer Blood Test.

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Logistics for Testing:

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        1. Ask your physician to order a test kit
        2. Your physician will order the blood draw
        3. Completed kits are sent overnight to the laboratory
        4. Results are sent to the ordering physician via email or fax within 5 business days
        5. IvyGene Report Example


The test currently meets FDA requirements for a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT). Our laboratory is CLIA Registered (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and CAP Accredited (College of American Pathologists).

For more information about the Ivygene Blood Cancer Test you can call us at (844) 489-4363 or Send us an email directly.

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