Non-invasive Liver Cancer Test

Confirm the Presence of Liver Cancer

The IvyGene Liver LTD has the ability to confirm the presence of liver cancer as early as stage 1. Providing measurable information about liver cancer, the IvyGene Liver Cancer LTD is extremely beneficial for those diagnosed with Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Diabetes, and other risk factors for developing liver cancer.

Every patient who receives the IvyGene test will be provided with highly accurate insight into their health. The IvyGene test has a specificity of 86% and a sensitivity of 80%.

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In addition to the test, many providers often require a consultation and/or blood draw fee.

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Providers: Order a Test Kit

Only a medical provider may order the test. The test is performed through a simple blood draw [40mls]. Shipping is included in the wholesale price of the test. Results are returned within 5 business days.

Patients: Find a Provider

A medical provider must order the test and complete the requisition form. Any medical provider may order the test. For your convenience, we provide a list of medical providers who have worked with the IvyGene test and are willing to accept new patients. Many providers charge a consultation and/or blood draw fee in addition to the cost of the test.