International Providers

We welcome International Providers! International providers do not include providers from the USA, Canada, or Mexico. Providers from all other countries are considered international providers.

To start ordering as an international provider:

    • Simply open your account here.
    • Place your test kit order and you will be contacted by a representative from IvyGene who will send a requisition form for payment.
    • Payments for test cost and initial shipping are made up front for international providers. Shipping charges are subject to change based on location.
    • When the completed requisition form is returned to the appropriate Ivygene representative, a test kit will be shipped to your location.
    • When the test kit arrives, please follow the International Collection and Shipping Instructions.
    • Results will be returned via email or fax within 5 business days of the sample’s arrival at the laboratory. Click here to view a test result sample.

*Please note, refunds will not be issued for samples that do not pass QC for shipping reasons. It is imperative to follow the shipping instructions to ensure the viability of international samples. Should samples not pass QC at the laboratory for internal reasons, a refund will be issued for test cost only and not for shipping.