Firefighter Registration

1) All tests must be ordered by a medical clinician/Provider.

  •  If your Department/City has a coordinated IvyGene testing plan in place, your Department Medical Director may serve as the Provider ordering the test.
  •  If you are independently seeking the test, you may ask your current Provider to order a test kit and administer the test. Register below to request a Firefighter Voucher that provides a discount exclusively for Firefighters, both active and retired. We will email your unique Voucher to the email address you provide. Take your Voucher to your Provider when being tested as the Voucher must be returned in the test kit with your sample and Requisition Form. The Voucher also provides information for your Provider if they are unfamiliar with the test.

2) Payment is not processed until your sample arrives at the laboratory.
3) Results are sent to the ordering Provider within approximately 5 business days from receipt of the sample at the laboratory.

*All fields are required in order to obtain a Firefighter Voucher.


Long Contact Form
  • * Please include non-medical questions and correspondence only.