Diabetes Link To Liver Cancer

According to research, diabetes are a major contributing factor to liver cancer 

According to American Cancer Society, type 2 diabetes plays a huge roll in the development of liver cancer. Risk factors increase in patients who are diagnosed with hepatitis and have a habit of heavy alcohol consumption. In addition to the diabetes, over-weight patients increase their risk- as obesity also shows a strong link to developing  liver cancer.

Compared to those without diabetes, research suggest those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes present around two to three times greater risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma- which is the most common type of liver cancer.

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Some Liver Cancer Facts to Keep in Mind

  • Liver cancer diagnoses and deaths are rapidly increasing in the United States
  • Avg. 5-year survival rates for patients with liver cancer are around 18%
  • It is estimated that this year 42,030 people will be diagnosed with liver cancer
  • Over 31,780 people will lose their lives to liver cancer

*Sources drawn from Cancer Research UK and WebMD

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Learn More About the IvyGene Liver LTD

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