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cancer diagnosisThe IvyGene test is owned by Mor-NuCo Enterprises (MNE), the founders of the ONCOblot test. MNE is a biotechnology laboratory, specializing in medical devices intended to help patients unlock the mystery of disease presence and progression. MNE works in collaboration with numerous PhDs, post docs, MDs, and various lab technicians in order to streamline testing processes to provide diagnostic and confirmatory testing to patients. MNE was founded with a mission statement to make cancer testing available and affordable for everyone, and with that goal in mind, the company continues to develop, innovate, and research mechanisms to reinforce its founding beliefs.

The IvyGene test is a blood test for the presence of cancer and gives quantifiable data about cancer presence. IvyGene uses advanced DNA sequencing methods to detect the DNA methylation pattern of cell free DNA in blood. The sequence along with the pattern of methylated DNA are consistent with cancer presence.

Unlike many genetic tests that use DNA to determine the propensity or possibility of developing cancer over time, the IvyGene test identifies DNA methylation patterns consistent with actual disease presence and quantification of cancer presence at the time of testing.

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