The IvyGene test is a noninvasive blood test for cancer that is only available through a medical provider. Call or make an appointment with your medical provider in order to request an IvyGene test. This conversation guide is a useful tool to discuss testing options with a medical provider and place a test kit order.


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The IvyGene test may confirm the presence of multiple cancers, as early as stage 1. The IvyGene test is a highly accurate, simple blood draw that has been validated for confirming the presence breast, colon, liver, and lung cancer. Other cancers may result in an elevated IvyGene test.


More than 600,000 people will die from cancer in 2019. More than 1 million individuals will be diagnosed with new cancer cases during that same time. By confirming the presence of multiple cancers early, the chances of survival increase by more than 50%.


The technology behind the IvyGene test has been published in several major publications,
including Nature Materials and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The technology has been commercially developed by the Laboratory for Advanced Medicine, whose goal is to turn cancer from a life-threatening disease into a manageable illness.


Providers may order the test kit here. Only medical providers may order the test for patients. With advanced cancer testing, a medical provider may help guide patients down the proper path, and used with the normal standards of care, the IvyGene test will give patients and providers more insight into a patient’s health at the time of testing.

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