Confirming Cancer Early

The IvyGene™ test is a simple blood test that confirms the presence of cancer, as early as stage 1, and give measurable information about cancer. The IvyGene test combines advanced sequencing techniques to confirm the presence of multiple cancer types and provides a highly accurate tool for physicians to gain insight into their patients’ health, at the time of testing.

The IvyGene™ test has been validated with four (4) cancer types: breast, colon, liver and lung cancers. The presence of other cancer types may also result in an elevated IvyGene™ Score.

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Firefighters interviewed about cancer and the IvyGene test. 
Bedford, Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex)
Watch the video above to learn about the incidence of cancer among Firefighters and how the City of Bedford is committed to making a difference.
The building blocks of IvyGene were published in Nature Materials.
Learn more about DNA Methylation and how this technology is being used in revolutionary new ways. Visit the link to learn more:
Dhruvajyoti Roy, PhD, director of technology for LAM , owners of the IvyGene technology, agrees that the combination vaccine has potential for clinical

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