IvyGene™ Cancer Test Instructions

Collecting the Sample

1. Check the provided tubes for the expiration date and ensure they are viable.
2. Using the provided [PaxGene] tubes only, draw a sufficient amount of blood to completely fill at least 4 tubes of blood.
3. Invert each tube slowly 5 times.
4. Include the Date of Birth and Unique Identified [included on the requisition form] on ALL 4 tubes.
5. Store the samples at room temperature only. No freezing or refrigeration required.

*Samples have a shelf life of 7 days, stored at room temperature. Do not wait more than 72 hours to ship the sample. Should a sample be received more than 7 days post blood draw, it will be rejected by Quality Control.

Preparing to Ship

1.Include all 4 sample collection tubes in the provided Biohazard plastic bag, with the absorbent sheet. Remove the white liner of the Biohazard bag to reveal adhesive and seal the plastic bag.
2. Wrap the entire Biohazard bag and samples inside the provided bubble wrap. Then place the biohazard bag and contents inside the white Tyvek envelope and seal.
3. Place the Tyvek envelope inside provided Styrofoam container, between the Room Temperature Packs [do not freeze or refrigerate these packs]. Place the lid on the Styrofoam container with the test requisition form and payment information. Close securely with tape.
*Should you accidentally refrigerate or freeze the packs, they may be placed in warm water until packs become gel-like once more.

Shipping the Sample

1. Using the provided boxes [original shipping containers] with the IvyGene logo, attach the pre-paid billable stamp to the outside of the box.
2. Ship Monday-Thursday only. If a blood draw is performed on Friday, samples may be stored at room temperature and shipped the following Monday.
3. Visit a FedEx location near you, or schedule a pickup.
a. Call 1-800-463-3339
b. Choose “Schedule a Pick-Up”
c. Receive Account number prompt and say “Representative”
d. Inform the Representative that you have a “pre-paid billable stamp”
e. Give the representative your address and phone number.

For more information about the Ivygene Blood Cancer Test you can call us at (844) 489-4363 or Send us an email directly.